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Small Business Accounting


When you’ve reached the pinnacle of your niche industry as a small business owner, it’s time to ensure that your efforts don’t wane.

Your life revolves around the energy that you’ve put into your company. You should reap as many rewards as possible. Through diligent, in-depth accounting practices, you can stay ahead — to continue to grow your business or begin moving it in ways that prepare you to maintain your lifestyle in retirement.

From the financial transactions that affect your small business accounting to the goals that determine its direction, your small business tax accountant can provide practical applications of:

•    Business valuation: We know how to take into consideration future moves, investments and diversifications for your business. Having an expert to provide accurate valuations at any point in time is a priceless skill set you won’t see in your average small business accounting firms.
•    Cash flow management: While examining how you manage your cash flow, we pull together information to ensure your business is running smoothly while it grows. It’s a balancing act between continuing to grow, paying your employees and contributing to your community. While your personal financial books are kept separate, we remain keenly aware of how and where they interact with your business — and how dramatically your small business cash flow impacts your personal wealth.
•    Internal controls: A truly connected small business accountant digs into the basics that have led to your great success to understand the internal controls you have in place. While running the numbers to verify that your controls are as effective as they need to be, we look even deeper to bring you innovative suggestions aimed at increasing your profits.
•    Certified audits: An audit can be a good thing when it’s performed solely with your financial interests in mind. Regular audits focus on ensuring your small business is performing as predicted and that you’re getting a realistic picture of your finances. This leads to no surprises!
•    Tax planning: One of the services you’ll receive from your run-of-the-mill small business accountants is tax preparation. But tax preparation is just a small piece of the overall accounting services you receive from us. And you’ll find your adjusted tax burden illustrates the innovative measures that we suggest on your behalf.
•    Strategic planning: While your business continues to provide you with the prosperity you enjoy, you need all the facts in hand to continue to make it more and more valuable. Strategic planning influences your financial decisions now and in the future. We take the time to gather all the pertinent facts that impact your life and your unique situation.

Nowhere is it more evident that spending money makes you more money

than when you choose to use the expert consulting services of Edofalltrades.

As your business interests stabilize following regular audits, strategic planning

and tax planning efforts of your personal accountants, your personal wealth

also shifts into a higher gear.
We provide accounting services that impact every nook of your life.


In addition to the services surrounding your business finances, we provide you with:
•    Tax representation: With a solid understanding of your business affairs, we can prepare your personal taxes to accurately reflect your profits and losses. And we stand by our work. We’ll represent you whenever required.
•    Audited financial statements: We stand by our accounting practices, which are based on the general accepted accounting rules and regulations. And you’ll see that in the regular updates and reports you receive all through the year, not just at tax time.
•    Due diligence consulting: Before you receive any advice, we do our homework. We get to know you, your goals and your dreams. We believe in a holistic approach to accounting that takes into consideration much more than just the numbers in your ledger.

Your life has revolved around your small business. You’ve achieved success based on your sincere commitment to excellence — you can’t get there any other way. Edofalltrades joins you in that search for more success and fulfillment.

At some point, most likely when you near retirement or want to explore other opportunities, you can make the switch to allow your business to revolve around your life instead of the other way around. You can do that successfully with us who understand your needs and desires. You get outstanding financial advice and a practical process to achieve even more wealth when you work with us. You also get services with distinction, professionalism and responsiveness.

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