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Business Consulting Services


Accounting can serve as a platform that gives you access to a small business consultant understands your financial position and your desire to maintain and improve that wealth. 

That’s why real estate investors, successful entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs in the New York metropolitan area rely on expert business consulting services they receive from Edofalltrades.

We understand your challenges and seek to find ways and means to establish internal controls that lead to success in all areas of your life. While providing you with outstanding bookkeeping services. Your books tell the story, and we know how to read that story and help you write the perfect ending. As part of a big picture consulting contract, you can expect more from us. We can give you expert advice and guidance on most of your financial decisions.

Too often, you make decisions in a bubble without the advantage of seeing

the big picture. If you only had a bookkeeper who supplies you with numbers on

a page and an accountant who files your taxes each year, you’re missing out on

the big-picture overview that an accountant who is entrenched in your

bookkeeping services for small business, tax planning and personal finances can

bring to the table.

Creating a strategic plan in concert with us who knows your financial statements,

your payroll obligations and your plans for your family can make an enormous

difference. Get your money and your goals working together to take you where you want to go.

To make wise decisions that favorably impact your tax burden, which plays a major role in your ultimate profitability, listen to the consulting advice from us.  Your personal and business situations are unique, so rely on our experience to provide timely business consulting services.

With an eye toward your profits and goals, an effective advisor provides you with keen insights into your growth and what, when, where and how to make your next moves.

As your tax advisor, we also deliver expertise in:


•    Deferred tax assets. The timing of your business investments can greatly impact your tax burden for a year. In turn, your personal taxes also claim part of your overall losses or gains. You’ll be prepared with accurate small business valuation and allowances for liabilities — and where deferred taxes may serve you best.

•     Tax Audit Defense. While we prepare and file your annual tax preparation services, a tax audit can highlight best practices to follow to lower your tax burden, in addition to making sure your tax returns are air-tight.

•     Tax representation. Should you ever come under the scrutiny of the IRS, we stand by you throughout the entire process.

•    International tax issues. Choose an accountant with experience in international affairs. Whether you need assistance with expatriate taxes or require non resident tax return advice, we already know your finances, your company policies, your staff and your family citizenship issues — and is ready to take on the required documents.

Edofalltrades bring more than just profits to the table. we also provide you with the peace of mind that makes all your hard work worthwhile. Our focus is on your total well-being and not just the state of your financial statements.

With the exemplary service of our experienced auditors, you’ll always know where you stand. If you have a large contingency of employees with pensions and 401(k) plans under your protection, you can assure they are continually monitored and protected through pension plan audits. Certified internal audits assure investors, donors and stockholders that your finances are stable. And financial statement audit back up your business bookkeeping reports.

We bring you a small business consultant with vast experience in every aspect of accounting. It also accounts for your personal goals and aspirations. Business decisions no longer are made in a vacuum. Your family remains protected, we provide you with succession planning. You can enjoy your success and your wealth long after you stop working when you’ve undergone in-depth retirement planning with us who know you and your values.

You don’t have to wait until you face a big life decision like retirement or succession planning, buying or selling a business or making changes to your business structure. When you employ the business consulting services of Edofalltrades, you have expertise at your fingertips and can have a well-prepared response whenever you broach a new topic.
We embrace every aspect of your business and your life; your interests always are on the front burner. 

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