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Accounting Services



Edofalltrades provides a full range of services to cover your life. We provide insightful business consulting for your successful business and corporate accountant services. To help you reach your highest potential as a successful entrepreneur, look to us to bring you specific accounting services that include, but aren’t limited to:

Certified audits: Scrutiny comes in many forms, but regular audits ensure your financial protection. From skilled tax preparation to pensions and even unreimbursed partnership expenses, rely on us to bring in-depth knowledge to every internal transaction.

Strategic planning: We can help you create and review your goals and strategic plans each year. With your financial health secured, you can comfortably negotiate the planning process and all its details, from marketing to payroll.

Cash flow management: You must maintain sufficient reserves to provide the cash flow you need to achieve and grow your productivity — whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a highly successful individual. With us, you’ll find that perfect balancing point and won’t get caught short.

Internal controls: Once you’ve developed your strategic plans, rely on us to maintain a watch-dog position over your interests as you do what you do best — grow your business. Since accountant services include building a strict set of internal controls, the same accountants are best qualified to monitor those finely crafted processes.

Business registration: From the ground up, we help you navigate the regulatory responsibilities to get your business up and running. If you encounter local, regional and national licensing boards, you get the help you need, quickly.


You’ve worked to build wealth for your family and yourself. While your accountants oversee every financial aspect of your business interests, you shouldn’t overlook the details of your personal finances.  
you can count on continued personal service and beyond-the-numbers accounting. To assist you in maintaining your preferred lifestyle and to ensure continued success in every aspect of your life, turn to us to manage all your financial affairs, including the following services and much more:

Self-employment accounting: If you’re an entrepreneur, you may find yourself in a position that requires a different set of accounting techniques to keep your personal resources intact. We understand the specialization required of self-employment accounting.


Tax representation: We never leave you without complete and thorough tax representation when you need it most. We place your ultimate success in the forefront of every transaction through active tax planning, tax resolution services, and audited financial statements.


Succession planning: Your wealth doesn’t stop when you do — it can flow through generations when proper plans are in place. We specialize in succession planning. And since every family situation is unique, you require an accountant with a deep-seated desire to serve your family’s best interests.

Qualified domestic trust: While many accountants can effectively deal with your domestic tax issues, when international vagaries enter the picture, you have in us an accountant experienced in internationals law readily available to assist.


At Edofalltrades, we see the bigger picture and find solutions for you. Your financial health needs an accounting framework to protect it, to protect you and to help you both grow.

Whether you’re beginning to shape a new commercial venture, sending your children off to college or interested in planning for a comfortable retirement, we are ready to guide you. Because we worked with every aspect of your financial picture, we understand your goals, your needs and the financial landscape in which you operate. Accounting services are integral to your continued prosperity and wealth building. For accounting services tailored to your specific needs and goals, count on us.  

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