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Back Taxes Owed


Owing taxes from years past can feel like a threatening dark cloud at the horizon. No matter which way you turn, it’s always there. Maybe your tax troubles started innocently enough — you just didn’t have the money to pay your taxes one year. Or maybe it came all of a sudden when you finally completed one or more non-filed tax returns.

Like those non-filed tax returns, owing back taxes is a problem you cannot ignore. Not filing your federal tax returns is a crime; not paying the taxes you owe from previous years can mean penalties and fines that can triple the original amount you owe. The longer you let it slide, the more money you’ll potentially have to pay.

It’s possible that the IRS has wrongfully assigned a liability to you or assessed you incorrectly. If you owe back taxes to IRS do not rush to pay off. Reach out to us for back taxes to resolve any taxes you owe.  We can review and deal with the IRS to resolve back taxes owed to provide the tax relief help you need. 

Even the most successful entrepreneurs, the best paid executives and the most prosperous individuals can have problems with back taxes owed. If you owe back taxes do not wait.


Tax penalties and interest add up fast. We can help you paying off back taxes and contact the IRS to:
•    Stop the penalty clock
•    Decide how to minimize the penalties and fines you may have to pay
•    Argue your case for leniency

We have experience helping successful people and businesses get out from under the weight of the back taxes they owe. Tax resolution services can definitely help. Don’t get the wrong idea — you’ll likely have to pay the taxes you owe. But with our help you won’t have to come up with all the money right away or even all at once.


You’re not the first businessperson to defer tax payments without informing the government.

If you let it go too long, you risk:
•    Being discovered and prosecuted by the IRS
•    Increasing your debt to the government
•    Losing your good credit rating

If you try to handle back taxes by yourself, you may end up writing one big check to cover the taxes you owe, the fees and penalties you accrued and the interest that built up over time. Or perhaps you’ll just continue to ignore the problem, letting the amount you owe in back taxes keep stacking up. Both actions aren’t the best way to resolve your back taxes. The smartest tactic is to hire Edofalltrades to go to bat for you.


We offer this advice of things not to do when you find yourself in trouble due to back taxes:
•    Don’t panic
•    Don’t let your back taxes slide any more than they already have
•    Don’t take money out of your retirement account to pay off your taxes
•    Don’t pay back taxes with a high interest credit card, as even the IRS offers interest rates that are more reasonable

When you hire us, you’ll have to be prepared to open your books and your trust. We steadfastly remain on your side. We’ll give you honest answers and advice for best getting out of your tax predicament.

After you contact us, we’ll come up with a plan to minimize your penalties and get the best deal possible.  

We act as your representative to the IRS. That means you don’t have to be involved in the process directly, except to sign paperwork and necessary forms.


Paying your back taxes follows a procedure that — depending on your situation — may follow steps like these:
1.    Make sure you really owe back taxes, money to the IRS
2.    Determine the amount you owe
3.    Minimize your penalties and interest as much as possible
4.    Avoid a tax lien
5.    Formalize a plan to pay what you owe:
1.    If the amount is manageable, pay it off in one lump sum
2.    Ask for an installment plan, if allowable
3.    Make an Offer in Compromise, if necessary

Whichever plan you decide to pursue, you’ll feel a sense of relief. Keep in mind it’s not over until you make that last payment to the IRS. In the meantime, make sure you follow up and make your payments on time.


The IRS is required to allow you to make payments to settle your debt to the government if you owe back taxes.


To qualify for an IRS payment plan, also known as the IRS Fresh Start program, you must meet certain requirements:
•    You owe $25,000 or less — although the Direct Debt Installment Agreement lets you pay off amounts up to $50,000
•    You can prove that you cannot pay the amount you owe now
•    You can pay off the taxes you owe within three years

You file IRS Form 9465, which is an official installment agreement request to the agency. We can do this for you — assuming you qualify and we both decide that the payment plan is the best way to go for you. We will act as your tax representative to set up the installment payments with the IRS.

The IRS offers another option if you know you’re going to have trouble paying off your back taxes — especially if you accrued many fines, penalties and interest. It’s called an Offer in Compromise or OIC, and this alternative lets you pay a portion of the money you owe, while wiping the debt off your record. Obviously, it comes with catches.

If you and your personal tax accountant at Edofalltrades decide on pursuing an OIC, you have to put together your case. The IRS considers Offers in Compromise one at a time, so your tax representative puts together your “case” to present to the IRS. You have to ask the IRS to verify that you indeed owe back taxes as much as they claim. Then you have to prove that you don’t have the resources to pay the entire amount. It’s a complicated process for which you need competent back taxes accountants from Edofalltrades.


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