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Homeowners Insurance

Owning a home is part of the American Dream. Yours might be a suburban house, riverside condominium, downtown apartment, lake cabin or mobile home. Regardless of whether you rent or own, it’s more than just a building. It’s the place you live, the place you keep many of the things that matter most to you and your family.

Your home is also a significant financial asset. You and your home deserve a policy tailored to your specific needs, one that gives you a sense of security and protection at a fair, competitive price. 

What’s more, we make sure it isn’t just your house that’s properly covered. Inside your home’s walls and windows you own books, art, furniture, appliances and other items that would need to be replaced or repaired should you have a covered loss. Our policies cover these valuables and can even include broader coverage for specific items — paintings, jewelry, collectibles — of special, significant value.

Homeowner coverage from our carriers typically includes:


  • Extended replacement cost - Covers the cost of repairing your home if it is damaged in a covered incident — even if the cost exceeds your limits up to an additional percentage (i.e., 125 percent or 150 percent) — provided your home is insured for 100 percent of its replacement value.

  • Contents replacement cost - If you have a covered loss in which an item is destroyed or stolen, your policy will pay to replace the item up to the limits stated in the policy less your deductible. The difference between replacement cost and the actual cash value could be considerable.

  • Applicable discounts 

  • Multiple policy discount (automobile/home insured with the same carrier)

  • Burglar alarms/ fire alarms

  • Optional higher deductibles

  • Newer home credit

  • Mature homeowner credit

In the event of a catastrophic loss to your property, like a fire, you will need to reproduce an inventory of all of “your stuff” for the insurance company. It is a good idea to have a home inventory list and video of your stuff kept in a safe place, separate from your home. offers a free solution that will get you started.

Important Notice
Any submissions or payments made via this website do not constitute a binding agreement to your policy or coverage(s). Changes and payments to policies are not effective or binding until you, or any party involved, receive official notice from either your insurance agent, or your insurance company. 

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