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Cash Flow Management Services


Cash flow can make or break your business. With a positive cash flow — more money coming in than going out — everything works perfectly. With a cash crunch, you have to scramble to make anything work. When your cash outflow exceeds your cash intake, it can kill your business as surely as an invisible oil leak can kill your engine. All it takes is time for it to bleed dry.

Build a management team you can trust, including our accountants to help you attain a positive cash flow. Whether you’re a business owner, a top executive or an independent professional, Edofalltrades has the knowledge and relevant experience to help you manage your finances and send your cash flow management gushing in the right direction.

Success in business involves more than managing your money. Mismanaging your money can lead to failure. Just because you have money doesn’t mean you have it to waste. In your business, you still want to:
•    Generate growing revenues and handsome profit margins
•    Convert your sales into cash as soon as you possibly can
•    Expend only as much capital and overhead as necessary to maintain quality operations
•    Build a large a cash cushion to ensure the comfort and stability of your company and your family

Your cash flow management is the blood and breath of your organization. Without proper attention to the details of your finances and the management of your money, your endeavors may fail. When it comes to improving your cash flow, you don’t need a bean counter; you need an intelligent, effective strategist to make your goals a reality. Edofalltrades has a proven, problem-solving, solutions-oriented style.

Profit and cash flow are deceptively not the same. Grasping your cash flow is more involved than simply glancing at your profit and loss statement. There are many other financial figures that factor into your cash flow. We are the translators and intermediaries between you and your finances. We speak the elusive language of money.

Positive cash flow doesn’t happen by accident. It takes planning, strategy and hard work. You actually need a positive cash flow to generate profits. Your company has specific demands that require individual attention. We are able to go the extra mile.


Because your business already has a successful track record, you need the expertise of an accounting firm that understands who you are and what you’re trying to do. You need a business consulting firm that can help you steer your business in the right direction.


You need Edofalltrades.


Your needs are unique and dynamic. As an individual of high net-worth, your problems and goals are not the same as others’. We understand the intricacies of your finances as part of the whole picture.

The value of looking at the big picture is knowing how your business intersects with your life. A negative cash flow in your business negatively affects your life; at Edofalltrades, we can get things turned around for you.

The first step to avoid a cash crisis is teaming up with Edofalltrades to develop cash flow projections for your business. This includes both short-term and long-term projections. Short-term projections give you immediate benefits because they show how much money you need on a daily basis. Long-term projections help you develop a capital strategy that meets your business needs into the future.

A cash flow projection is merely one tool in our toolbox. Other services include, but aren’t limited to:
•    Learning when, where and how your cash requirements occur
•    Providing you with historical cash flow statements to show you where your money went
•    Assisting you in obtaining an appropriate line of credit
•    Finding other sources to solve your cash needs
•    Establishing and nurturing working relationships with bankers and other creditors
•    Suggesting methods of accelerating cash collection
•    Developing proven and effective collection and payment policies
•    Helping you obtain the maximum rate of return on your idle cash

We are an established, full-service accounting firm in the New York metropolitan area. We’ve been helping businesses and individuals manage their cash flow for years. We appreciate how to manage a business. Simply put, our cash flow management is the supervision and analysis of your company’s income and expenses, either in the short term or the long term. While we are fully capable of helping you find your way out of a fiscal crisis, it isn’t necessary to wait for the sky to start falling before you give us a call.

Just because it can be simply stated, that doesn’t mean it can be simply done. Effective cash flow management is an interactive, steadily evolving activity. Your cash flow managers must possess a confident knowledge of market and industry trends. They have to judge cash inflow and outflow to not only predict surplus and shortfalls, but also to estimate the amount of cash you have in hand, at your disposal.

The activities and operations of your company look a lot better when viewed from over the top of a positive cash flow statement. When you hire us to improve your cash flow, you drastically increase your chances of enduring a crisis, whether the issue lies with the economic environment or within your company. If you view your cash flow from historical and current trends and monitor it properly, you’ll never be surprised by the ebb and flow of your money.

A wise business owner once said, “Happiness is a positive cash flow.” Conveniently, success in business is measured on a similar scale. It’s not hard to see the relationship between success and happiness. That’s the value of big-picture accounting that includes not just your business cash flow, but your personal cash flow as well. We are capable of handling both.

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